Do you want to work in Ibiza? Here are the main resources to find a good job in Ibiza during high season or even the whole year. Ibiza tourism companies need everything : singers, musicians, waitress and waiters, electricians, computer technicians... Good salaries and nice place to work are the main reason to go to Ibiza. We just show the websites or emails that bring you directly to the job application. 


Pacha is mainly offering jobs for high season for its hotels, restaurants, clubs and cabarets. Applications are stored just for one year, thus if you sent your CV last year you should demand the job again. If you apply for a job in Pacha you can work in Destino Ibiza Hotel, El Hotel Pacha, the clothes shops, Pacha Club, Lío Ibiza and its restaurants. Many chances for many people (usually they contract +200 people for high season). The good news is that you are writing directly to the employer. The bad news is that no one knows what kind of jobs are they asking in a given moment. It's a bit like a lottery.

Jobs at the Club (club)

Lío Ibiza jobs (cabaret)

Jobs for Destino Ibiza (hotel)http://www.pacha.com/destinocv_es.php

Jobs for El Hotel Pacha : use the form of Destino Ibiza (¡t goes to same place)

Jobs for Restaurant Pacha, Pacha Collection and other companies of Pacha : use the form of Pacha.


SOIB means "Servei d'Ocupació de les Illes Balears" and is like the tool that the government provides to get jobs in the islands (not only in Ibiza, also in Mallorca and Menorca). The good news is that the offer is quite clear and thus you can target your CV to the right direction. The bad news is that the form is just in spanish and you need to be fluent in that language to understand all the paperwork.

Search engine of SOID to find jobs in Ibiza


Probably too new to be known by you, Hï Ibiza is the Club located in the same location occupied by Space till its closing last year. As you can realize by the two dots over the "i", Hï Ibiza belongs to Palladium Hotel Group, also owner of Ushuaïa Beach Hotel (one of the largest hotels with open air club in the island). 

Jobs offers and form to apply


Ushuaïa Ibiza is one of the largest open-air clubs in Ibiza. It belongs, like Hï Ibiza, to Fiesta Hotel Group and though you can not find in its website a form to apply for a job, using the general form of the Group.

Jobs offers and form to apply


Another iconic club that provides an email to send your CV. Only jobs related with a night club.


Grupo Mambo: SEND YOUR C.V.


Ocean Beach:  SEND YOUR C.V.
Palladium Hotels, Fiesta Hotels, Ushuaia: SEND YOUR C.V.
Nordotel: SEND YOUR C.V.
Iberostar: SEND YOUR C.V.
Hard Rock Hotel: SEND YOUR C.V. 
Grupotel Hotels & Resorts: SEND YOUR C.V.
Invisa Hoteles: SEND YOUR C.V.
Hotel Orquidea: SEND YOUR C.V.
Garden Hotels: SEND YOUR C.V.
Ibiza Feeling Hotels: SEND YOUR C.V.
Meliá Hotels: SEND YOUR C.V.
NH Hoteles: SEND YOUR C.V.
Insotel Group: SEND YOUR C.V. 
Grupo Playa Sol: SEND YOUR C.V.
SunKiss Travel Resorts: ENVIAR C.V.
Sirenis Hotels & Resorts: SEND YOUR C.V.
Ibiza Gran Hotel: SEND YOUR C.V.
Agroturismo Atzaró: SEND YOUR C.V. 
Intercorp Hotel Group: SEND YOUR C.V.
Hotel Sargamasa Palace: SEND YOUR C.V.
Ocean Drive: SEND YOUR C.V.
Hotel Ibiza Rocks: SEND YOUR C.V.
Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena: SEND YOUR C.V.
Hotel Aguas de Ibiza: SEND YOUR C.V.
Me Ibiza: SEND YOUR C.V.
THB Los Molinos: SEND YOUR C.V.


La Sirena / Art: SEND YOUR C.V.
Nikki Beach: SEND YOUR C.V.
Prestige SPA: SEND YOUR C.V. 
Atzaró SPA Natural: SEND YOUR C.V. 
Sirenis Vital SPA: SEND YOUR C.V.
SPA Hacienda Na Xamena: SEND YOUR C.V. 
Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle & SPA: SEND YOUR C.V.
Zentropia Palladium SPA: SEND YOUR C.V. 
Grupo Policlínica: SEND YOUR C.V. 
Centros Único: SEND YOUR C.V.
Emergency Staff: SEND YOUR C.V.
Ibiza Sea Party: SEND YOUR C.V.
Beautiful People: SEND YOUR C.V.


Cirque de la Nuit: SEND YOUR C.V. 
Heart Ibiza: SEND YOUR C.V.
Marina Ibiza: SEND YOUR C.V.
Empleo Naútico: SEND YOUR C.V.
Balearia: SEND YOUR C.V. 


Supermercados Eroski: SEND YOUR C.V.
Supermercados Mercadona: SEND YOUR C.V.
Supermercados DIA: SEND YOUR C.V.


Leroy Merlin: SEND YOUR C.V.

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