Pacha is one of the first clubs that were created on the island in an already distant 1973. Currently, besides the very famous club, Pacha has franchises in China, Germany, Australia and generally anywhere where there is people ready to have fun. On the island Pacha has two hotels, restaurants, cabaret, boutiques and even a schooner with which you can make a boat trip through the stunning coastline of Ibiza. The twin Pacha cherries have become one of the most iconic logos of the World.
Current year is a year of changes for Pacha Ibiza. On 2nd of February 2017 the company was sold by founder family Urgell to a large hedge fund. With the dissapearance of Space and the sell of Pacha, Ibiza is really facing a big renewal.

Pacha Club

Avenida 8 d'Agosto nr 27, 07800 Ibiza

Music genres : House

Pacha is the only club of Ibiza that opens whole year. In low season Pacha just opens during weekend. Usually high season starts beginning of May and ends beginning October.

Can I pre book tickets or events in Pacha ?

Yes, you can and you should for most of the events. You must go to Pacha Ibiza website to buy tickets. Some events are really over crowded and you will have many problems to get tickets. If you want to see David Guetta every thursday forget to enter the club if you try to buy tickets the same day.
For the time being during high season are confirmed all the parties 

Saturday - Pure Pacha (opening 27th May)
Sunday - Solomun + 1 (opening 28th May)
Monday - Flower Power (opening 29th May)
Tuesday - Mosaic by Maceo Plex (opening 30th May)
Wednesday - My House by Martin Solveig (opening 31st May)
Thursday - F**k me I'm Famous by David Guetta (opening 1st May)
Fridays - Hot since 82 (opening date to be confirmed)

Are there any other ways to get tickets for Pacha ?

Sure. For example, if you are lodged in any of the two hotels of Pacha (El Hotel Pacha and Destino Ibiza) you have already included with your room reservation a free ticket to Pacha Club. Here you can make reservation at El Hotel Pacha (right infron the Club) or at Destino Ibiza Resort.

There is also a combined ticket schooner + Pacha Club that besides the excursion around the coastline of Ibiza allows you to enter in the club either wednesday or thursday. Find here the reservation system.

Inside the Pacha Club there is a restaurant. Under some requirements of minimun bill you can enter to the club after the supper. However it must be confirmed by the staff that you can get into the club, cause it depends of the party, the day etc... In order to make a reservation at the restaurant, use this form.

In order to make a reservation for the Prive of Pacha, you should first write an email or make a phone call to check avaibility and agree with the diposit fee. After that,  you will enter the booking site and proceed with the payment.

Pacha is the most iconic club of Ibiza. You have not visited Ibiza if you did not go to Pacha.

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