Ibiza is the third largest island of the Balearic archipielago formed  by Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The surface of Ibiza is about 10 times the size of Manhattan island but six times smaller than Majorca island, where most of the population lives.

Ibiza, like other parts of Spain, was a stable colony founded by Phoenicians but is the only one that has kept some of its culture. For instance, the typical house of the island, with white and flat roof, remind powerfully to the houses of Middle East and it's a general believe that the hound dog of Ibiza was of egyptian origin and brought to the island by the Phoenicians. Later on Romans occupied the island and then the Goths, being replaced by the arabics in 990 until the island was conquered by Aragon Kingdom in 1235. The original inhabitants were expelled from the island and replaced by catalan' setlers from the spanish peninsula.

Therefore, the current inhabitants usually speaks spanish and catalan, amongst many other languages they had to learn in order to be able to speak with tourists.

Ibiza has a total population of 132,000 inhabitants, half of them of local origin. The rest are mainly coming from the rest of Spain and around 15% are of foreing origin. Unlike what happens in Majorca, where foreings are mostly germans and english, in Ibiza you can find almost every nationality. However, you will get surprise about the large number of italians that visit Formentera every summer, the small island at the south of Ibiza.

Ibiza got famous in the 60's of the past century because it was a place visited by many hippies. Free love, peace and harmony, were common sentences in the island. Little by little, hippies left the island - or remained converted in rural setlers - and their positions were occupied by the hordes of tourists hungry of sun and beach.

The hippies left another heritage to the island : the intense nightlife and love for music. While at the early 60's music was mainly played life in bars, in early 70's started to deploy a large number of clubs that meant a revolution for the island. Today a big part of the tourists are not only expecting sun and beach, but also to live one of the most intense club experiences in the World.


Ibiza can offer to visitors a large number of different experiences. 

1. Sun and beach : classic offer of most of the spanish coastline. The Ibiza high season is comprised between April-May and early October. The temperature average in those months is 28.2 C ( 93 F), most of the days are sunny and the rain rarely appears.Sun and beach experience is frequently alternated or complemented with nightlife but if you are travelling with family Ibiza can also offer a relaxing stay, full of peace and night silence.

2. Clubbing : some tourists that come to Ibiza with white skin leave the island with the same pale tone. Why? because they live the night and do not see the sun during the whole day. Nightlife is concentred in Ibiza city and Sant Antoni de Portmany, city distant 16 Km from Ibiza (12 miles). Also the road that links both cities is full of bars, restaurants and many dance clubs.

3. Rural  tourism : some people could not believe the peace and beauty of the countryside of Ibiza. Stunning landscape, routes to make by bicycle or horse and finish the walk overlooking an incredible cliff, that's what Ibiza can offer beyond sun and clubs.

4. Cultural tourism : ok, maybe Ibiza is not the summit of the cultural life of Europe but is not empty of it. First, you have Dalt Vila, a place considered by Unesco a World Heritage Place. The profile of the walled old city and the church at the top of the hill gives to the island its iconic postcard. Then there is the Museum of Puig des Molins, a former phoenician necropolis and, in a more informal manner, the island is plenty of artists and painting galleries to enjoy not only the days of rain.

5. Luxury : could be the Luxury considered a kind of tourism? For some people, yes. While backpack tourism is still a chance for many people to visit Ibiza, some others like to fly to the island in private jet, eat in the most fancy clubs, hire private areas in clubs, sail around the coast in powerful yachts and leave their entertainment be arranged by efficient concierge companies. From one dollar to one million dollars, Ibiza makes possible all the kinds of tourism that you have ever dreamt.

...and probably the list of things Ibiza can offer to you could be endless.Now is your choice to come and discover them. We will help through this website to help much as we can !

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